Memeries of The Great Wall

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That was a unforgetable scene.
The fall in November, is my favourate season.
The Great Wall in the sunset of the fall in 2005 appeared so quite and clean.
My highschool mate and I had drunk the beer, eaten the peanuts——talking and relaxing on the train from Badaling to North station of Beijing.
The train moved smoothly and slowly, so did the time.



This picture was taken in the Fall of 2006, at the Xintiandi.
I love this picture very much.

The girl in the left has gone back to her home, and it is uncertainty to see her any more.
And the right girl, was waving her hand, and moving far away.

You have been so close, then passed by.
Only memories remained.
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Just return at the beginning

Walked a long way
found self at the beginning of the circle.